Palm Trees

 My Life is 

 My Music 

but acting was my first love.  I grew up in Encinitas, CA.  A suburb near the beach in north county San Diego filled with surfers and sunshine.  After a 6 year stint in college (more on that later) I moved to Los Angeles and that’s where it all began.

I hit the ground running working any job I could while sleeping on an air mattress behind the bar in my friends living room.

From serving zucchinis to actors like Woody Harrelson at a vegan restaurant in Santa Monica, to driving Uber and picking up Vance Joy after his soundcheck at the shrine (thanks for the free tickets!), to digging swimming pools working construction,


to running the self tape studio for actors auditions at Argentum, to driving bands like Temper Trap & Chvrches around LA, I’ve worked every starving artist job under the sun.  After some hunting and pecking I signed with an agent and started booking some roles.  Maybe you’ve seen me the indie feature Custody Road, TV shows like Notorious or Criminal Minds, or my latest Weed commercials (Or maybe you haven’t)  Yeah you probably haven’t.  I don’t think anyone really watches the shows I book other than my mom and my grandma.  


That’s where the music comes in.  With all the down time in between jobs and the uncertainty of it all, music has always been my main creative outlet.  An inspiring space where I could pick up my guitar and express myself freely without waiting for anyones opinion or approval.  Behind a red door off Redondo street in the heart of planet Los Angeles I started crafting my catalogue of songs.  That’s where I got my name.  I started recording them and building up the confidence to create the music I wanted to make.  Now it’s become an obsession and the driving passion in my life.  It’s something I have to do. I’ll be writing, recording, and performing music as Redondo Red until the casket drops.  I’m just getting started here and I’m gearing up to make a splash! So join us on the journey from the ground floor & up. We’re on a mission to go rock those sunset sets on the main stage! CMON! LEZGOO! 

Much love,

Redondo Red

aka Brendon Garrett